We’re super excited for this new project/adventure and want to celebrate it giving you a 15% DISCOUNT on your first purchase with the code: hteshop4u . This applies to any product you like on our website. So go ahead, navigate around our SHOP and hopefully, you’ll find something you LOVE to take around on your daily activities.  

Thank you in advanced for the support you give me everytime you buy a product. And because of that, I will donate $1 per purchase to fight climate change, protect animals or any other environmental cause that needs help to continue working, every month. I´ll share it through email with all the people that have subscribed to my Newsletter every now and then. (If you haven´t subscribed, please GO AHEAD AND DO IT AT THE END OF THIS PAGE!) I send you lots of love, good energy and joy. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!



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