Hear the Earth Shop is a small online store we decided to open because of COVID-19 and was born as an idea from the travelling blog: Hear the earth Blog. We sell clothes and accesories with exclusive designs, using photos of the trips we´ve taken around the world, digital art made for us and more popular designs. Anyone can wear our products, specially people who like adventure, outdoors activities and travelling. We make a really big effort every week to keep introducing new designs and offers for all the people who wants to support this project. It´s a beautiful way to share pictures we´ve taken on the journey, travel and outdoor exclusives designs as a way to inspire and definitely a dream come true. 

Thank you in advanced for the support you give us everytime you buy a product. And because of that, we will donate $1 per purchase to fight climate change, protect animals or any other environmental cause that needs help to continue working, every month. We´ll share it through email with all the people that have subscribed to my Newsletter evey now and then. (If you haven´t subscribed, please GO AHEAD!)